This site

This is Mark Haferkamp's site for posting anything, mostly my stories about Refola, ranging from science fiction to fantasy. I will maintain information about myself, sporadically post on my blog, and maybe even host a few games on this domain.
Here's a list of public subdomains on this site, each in various states of completion:
  • Refola home contains information about the rest of the site and about those involved in the site.
  • The Refola story contains the story of Refola and major related side-stories.
  • My blog contains posts about whatever randomness I wish to go in-depth about in front of the tiny portion of the Internet which might care.
  • The longterm placeholder might eventually contain games, such as the unrealistically-ambitious games about Refola.


Project REFOLA was the interplanetary government's way of ensuring humanity's survival following anything, including obliteration of reality itself.
The kingdom of Refola was the result of Project REFOLA's limited success following a cult destroying their solar system.
The Refolan Empire is the hidden nation that the kingdom of Refola eventually evolved into and currently exists in modern-day Earth, completely hidden from all but the most observant.
The Refolan Resistance is what remains of the Refolan Empire following the sudden takeover of Earth by an otherworldly empire.