In Case of Emergency

Bad things happen. If things prevent me from communicating despite people knowing where I am, then this is what I want done.

Medical Situations

If I am seriously injured such that I cannot communicate my wishes, here are my preferred outcomes.
  • If my prognosis is a reasonable recovery, then apply standard medical treatment.
  • If I am unlikely to recover with conventional treatment, but my brain seems to be reasonably intact and experimental treatment is promising, then apply experimental treatment.
  • If the best candidate experimental treatment has less than a 20% predicted chance of my recovery, then treat this as the "body death" case below.
  • In case of "body death" where damage to my body is severe enough that at least 80% of medical doctors would not want the pain/expense of treatment in a similar situation, I want my brain to be cryogenically frozen in the most rapid and tissue-preserving manner available. The rest of my body can be used for whatever is most useful to others.
  • In case of "brain death" where major identity-oriented parts of my brain are damaged such that I wouldn't be "me" even if all tissue damage were repaired, I want my entire body (including my brain) to be used for whatever is most useful to others.
  • The phrase "most useful to others" in above scenarios includes organ donation, medical experimentation, and anything else that will overall improve the human condition. If the people on the "__emergency_decision_makers__.txt" list can figure out a way to make substantial money off of selling my remains, then that opportunity should be considered as seriously as more socially-accepted options.

Kidnapping/Hostage Situations

If I am being held hostage, do not pay any ransom. Act as if I have already been murdered by my captors. If a message is received that is allegedly from me, assume that it is fake. If a message allegedly from me includes information that only I would know, assume that my captors have advanced information extraction technology and used it on my brain. If I am released, assume that I have been brainwashed, even if I seem to act normal.

Other Incommunicado Emergency Situations

I don't think I can predict this, so just consult the people on the list referenced below.

Interpretation of Subjective Terms

I want decisions to be made on my behalf by a certain list of people, but I don't want to publicly disclose who these people are. The list can be found on my various devices in the location "PREFIX/mark/romi/text/life/__emergency_decision_makers__.txt" (where "PREFIX" changes by device, but is fairly close to the top-most accessible location) and will also be sent to various people on the list. To prove that the list someone presents is correct, here are some checksums of the list's file, valid as of 2017-05-15.

  • SHA512 (with added spaces): 2567a89c3144c5fac78200a88828e561 93bc4f61042fffdfe92be72c1d739fa2 fca2001cdd662048dbae31430338b421 6b124ce975c92b38587e1ecfc2fc9b7d
  • SHA256 (with added space): 4f7f346d3eec170702d02d2432b8fb2a 43eb5cc6983cbe1760c9d049fe0d855e
  • SHA1: a9ba7198fda531922f1b3215717610f153d3f08e
  • MD5: 79eea983e1c1fd27e289a344de996130