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  • btrfs - A better filesystem. This enables snapshots and other fancy things that make it easier to manage backups and fix my computer when things go wrong.
  • Fedora - Considering it had major version updates to everything from the kernel to the desktop environment and browser as soon as I installed FC20, I don't even know what distro version numbers mean to them. I'm using it for the latest Linux kernel and btrfs support.
  • Google domain registration - $10/year for my own domain.
  • Google Sites - Content hosting and editing
  • KDE - The best desktop environment I know of. I'd dual-boot Windows again if it had a user interface this flexible.
  • openSUSE - A reasonably up-to-date distro with KDE, a reasonably broad repository, and a nice graphical administration tool system.
  • WWWizer - Easy redirection of to

  • Chakra Linux - The distro I stuck with the longest (summer 2011 to summer 2014). Half-rolling with an emphasis on giving the best KDE experience possible.
  • Google Chrome - A browser that gets out of the way so you can just browse. (I actually tend to use Chromium, but they're essentially the same thing.)
  • Linux Mint - I used Mint 9 KDE for a while, then switched to Chakra when there kept being delays on releasing updated KDE versions.

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