I have Minecraft and processing power to spare on my computer, so I decided to run a Minecraft server. Currently I'm only letting my friends access the server, so this page is probably useless to everyone else.

General info

  • For tons of general Minecraft info, tutorials, etcetera, please see the Minecraft Wiki.
  • The server is running the latest Minecraft without any mods. and with only a few settings changed.
  • You spawn in a fort in the desert near coordinates <-64, 70, -64>.
  • Everyone is (meant to be) an op. I'm trusting you all not to abuse the power.
  • The server logs public chat and commands, so if you see something neat or whatever and want to tell me when I'm not on, just say it and I'll see when I get back.
  • Due to power consumption, I'm now only running the server when I'm using my computer. The rest of the time, the computer will be off.
  • If you want to join the server, please text me or send an email to forward_to_phone@&[the part of this URL between the "www." and the "/minecraft"]

Server settings

  • It's survival mode with difficulty set to easy.
  • PVP is disabled, but I'm open to enabling it if people want it.
  • Items and XP are kept on death.

(Semi-)Active Players

Username Preferred Name
Refola Mark

New World

This world was started with version 1.9, the combat update. It is centered at <-64, 64, -64> so maps align into distinct quadrants. There's a basic fort in the middle of a well-lit desert. Exploration is active to acquire essential End-reaching resources, though a world border keeps exploration from going further than necessary. The idea is to expand the world border only as-needed when updates add new types of things that are only available in newly-generated areas.

Old World City

Before the Combat Update, there was a Minecraft world that I started with version 1.5.2 and the generating seed "Refola". It had a city centered at <0, 64, 0>, had maps carefully aligned to the center, and went through several major updates. This section describes that world's city.
  • Ceiling: About half of the "avoid the weather" ceiling was converted from dirt to glass (for map transparency)
  • Walls: outermost portion completed, keeping mobs out, but only a quarter or so of the planned towers were built
  • Storage: Most stuff was stored in buildings for dirt, cobblestone, and "other", along with some chests at the farm building. There were vague plans to make more themed storage buildings.
  • Farming:
    • Animals There were tons of cows, sheep, pigs, and chickens. The sheep came in all colors.
    • Plants: There was a giant building with 8+ floors full of these crops: wheat, carrots, pumpkins, melons, and potatoes.
  • Castle: This was planned for after building city walls.
  • Mapping: Areas under the glass parts of the roof were showing up, but the remaining dirt ceiling blocked the rest. Map #5 in one of the chests in the "other block storage" building showed the city.
  • Mining: all surface mines' entrances were blocked by red wool. Almost all mining was accessed via the world tree's pit.
  • World tree: There was a giant jungle tree going from the bedrock all the way up to the maximum block height of 255.
  • Portal Room There was now a portal room with teleportation command blocks to get to various places. It was located at <0, 1, 0>. To access it without using the /tp command, there was a command block on top of the enchanting table at coordinates <-24.5 73 -24.5>. There were also return command blocks at all destinations.

Other Old World Stuff

There are other places that have been explored and developed, but the only documentation will be actual world data. I'm keeping the files around in case any of my friends are interested, but I'm not running that world anymore.


  • Please don't grief, unless it's easily reversible.
  • Please don't expand the world border. Almost* everything can be found in the area with all coordinates below 1000.
    *You'll likely have to go outside that area to find specific natural constructions and giant mushroom biomes.
  • Please say something when you find neat things, etc.. Even if no one else is on, it's saved in the server logs so I'll know and be able to add it to the coordinates list or whatever.
  • Please don't use admin/op commands for in-game convenience. Items are kept on death. That's enough of a "cheat" without teleporting and such. I am holding myself to the standard of not using op commands to find/reach places or to get items/experience.