Public Domain

I've grown a distaste for the "protection" of intellectual "property" laws. They seem to exist to preserve the profits of the few and stifle the innovation of the many. I would rather have my works widely enjoyed than to extract maximal profit from people who enjoy my works. It's also annoying feeling this weird pressure to update the copyright range. So as of now, and until further notice (i.e., never), I'm dedicating all original content I post on or subdomains thereof to the public domain.

On the off chance that some relevant jurisdiction is primitive enough to lack a legal concept of public domain, I'm also licensing this under the WTFPL (choose any version you want).

Note: This does not apply to any quoted/copied content from elsewhere. Although I may specify some copied content's license, the license at the source should be believed over my word. If you believe I am wrongly using your content, please contact me and I will do what I can to make it right.