The Team


Name: Mark Haferkamp
Age: 20-something (as of 2011 this should give me nearly a decade before having to update this again)
Occupation: Student
Major: Originally Computer Science; currently Mathematics with a minor in Physics. 
Hobbies: Anything on my computer: programming, gaming, reading, writing, administrative tasks, etc.
Political position: Let the states be the laboratories of democracy and leave the feds out.
Picture: TODO: add picture
Favorite way to tell people something needs more work: Saying "to do" in all-caps with no space


Name: Laura Haferkamp
Relation to this site: Mark's little sister
Age: Somewhere in my mid-to-late teens depending on when I last edited this...
Occupation: Surviving high school
Hobbies: Playing with dogs, doodling, puzzle-like games, and playing on computers that happen not to hate me

Chief Astronomer and Science Consulter

Name: JCactus
Occupation: Post-college job hunting. If I could get a job with Mythbusters, I'd even be willing to move to California and risk falling into the ocean.
Major: "Interdisciplinary" Mechanical Engineering and Physics. Basically one major, two fields.
Location: Michigan's lower peninsula.
Role on the Team
: Added late January of 2011, I am hoping to help Mark in finding a realistic (or minimally unrealistic) way to set up the solar system that forms so critical a part of Refola's backdrop, including the size and temperature of the sun, the planets' season-causing orbits, the size of the planets themselves, etc. While these won't need to be directly published, they can give an internally consistent backdrop around which to build the story, preventing later conflicts in Physics-y things (like planet collisions). I may meddle in the science and technology of the planets themselves later, but in the nature of Sci-Fi, some of it (like the portals) will always be left to the imagination.
Hobbies: Anything kinesthetic. This can range from martial arts and (very amateur) rock climbing to cooking experiments and taking apart the household vacuum cleaner.
Hamartia: Lindt brand 90% cocoa chocolate bars. Unfortunately, I appear to be so sensitive to caffeine (as a depressant, not a stimulant: ADHD much?) that half a bar actually makes me crash for the next two hours. Sad day. My math indicates that the most caffeine a bar could naturally have is about a cup of coffee's worth, so it's kind of pathetic.